Cathi Isza

Artist Statement

Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by.
My work is about beauty,landscape primarily, and there are times that I focus on still life, the curve of a plant leaf or the shapes of fruit. However, my artwork is versatile. Painting plein air is the most exciting of all, as well as good for your mind and body to be outdoors demonstrating the beauty of landscape. I do have a conscious concern which is the loss of open landscape with the continuation of climate change and urban sprawl. I feel as though that open landscape is beginning to become something of the past, per se, old fashioned.

My medium of choice is watercolor on Arches, and oil on canvas, and my work can be as simple as a study of clouds to a complicated drawing with watercolor of a forest. Portraits of pets has been a break looking into the eyes of a Golden Retriever and seeing their soul isn't bad at all and very enjoyable.

Needless to say, I love painting and making art, when I paint it places me one with God and nature. I feel fulfilled, alive, inspired and full of life.

If you're interested in some work please feel free to contact me. Link is on the last page.